Breaking Bread

Probably my favourite of the new songs.  I’m sure you wanted a song about fatalism on a Friday. Good.


When the limelight fades, and our own wont is to be alone
To reflect on fame, or on ruins and broken homes
Or that we’re faking
Or that we sounded so real

I’m good enough to say I failed the only test I’m set
And understanding how much is like a bullet to the head
There’s no doubt about our world: it’s overwhelming
So let’s break our bread and settle down

Through all the sound and the fury of rabbles-roused
We can do the rounds and we’ll sound so believable
But I’m a failures; yeah, I’ve been failing for reals


from DEMOS for ‘The Sophomore Slump’, released 25 August 2012
Recorded and mixed by Pete with assistance from Sullo.

Brink of Disaster

Another new demo.

Over at tumblr and Bandcamp.


Big Red

If I eat something with cinnamon in it, my taste buds fall off. Literally.

But this is where it gets ‘clever’. Here it’s a metaphor for doing something you know will come back at you with repercussions. Song also includes a pipe organ in the mix.

Usual demo caveats: recorded in Pete’s closet (for reals), rough vocals and guide instrument tracks, place-holder lyrics etc.


Set in stone, if I wanted ends to wait then you’d know 
(The dust blows back, the dust blows back) 
You can smile, you can try and claim the odds 
Well, nuts to you 
For soon I’ll see you lose your colours 

Oh yeah, that burns like cinnamon. 

In better times, better stead would keep the two of us unknown 
The very thought a calloused soul could kill a friend just to feel 

For the red earth you’ll see on the morrow 
Is desolate and bourne from sorrow. 
Bittersweet sentiments look for me.


from DEMOS for ‘The Sophomore Slump’
Recorded and mixed by Pete with assistance from Sullo.

The Black Cloud


Hey Team!

We’re going to pop up the occasional demo. Usual caveats: recorded in Pete’s closet (for reals), rough vocals and guide tracks, place-holder lyrics etc.

But first


Thoughts? Musing? Any feedback you have is much appreciated before we go and put this on an album or somesuch.


The pressure-push pushes all these thoughts out of my head
What’s wrong with that?
Well I just take it for granted
Pathological impatience to communicate that could be from my soul
But I honestly don’t know
I don’t want to let this bubble burst
This pressure-push makes incumbrance less like a debt
But more like gum: vanillin, elastic, synthetic
Well may you say ‘irrational exuberance’.
It could be from my soul, but you honestly don’t know.
I don’t want to let this bubble burst…
…for soon the flavour will go away.
Another chew and the the flavour will go away.
Soon…. the black cloud will come back again.


Now, if one or two new songs were to appear in the nearish future, what should we include aside from listenability (i.e. extra stuff on the HBC blog)? 

Lyrics? Anecdotes? Animated gifs?



We’ve done some. This is just a passive aggressive memo to Sullo to record some backing vocals and extra guitar bits so we can share them.



P.S. There’s plenty of good reasons for the delay, and Sullo’s a good kid, and we love him dearly.

2012 Updatez

After the cancellation of New Beginnings, we went into a deep funk. Performing alongside the Vengaboys was really just too good to be true.


Just kidding. We got biz-zay [ <— going to blame one of the other guys in the band for the use of that. Irony is dead]


We’ve started work on the new album, and now have the basis of about 30 new songs; we’re currently arranging them before demoing soon. Very unsure how to release. However, if you’re keen to catch up and/or be our guinea pigs, we’re playing our first 2012 show at Melbourne’s John Curtin Hotel on February 25 – including at least 6 new songs on debut. Don’t worry, we cherry-picked the ones that don’t suck.


Details here: Facebook event



): New Beginnings Cancel

Hey Novocastrians,

Looks like we won’t be back in January.

Over at New Beginnings:

It’s sad times at New Beginnings headquarters – unfortunately, despite the fact we feel that we’ve got an amazing line-up and a concept like no other, we’ve had to cancel the forthcoming 2012 edition of our festival. It is unfortunate and unavoidable and we regret that we have had to take such drastic action.

We’d like to offer our sincerest apologies to all our patrons, suppliers, artists, volunteers, stall holders and friends. 

For ticket holders – a full refund is available from point of purchase and internet sales will be refunded in the coming days.

Zombie on the brain

Sure, I know I talk about zombies a lot, in part because I’ve loved particular zombie films since I was 12, but also because we’re playing at the zombie-themed New Beginnings Festival in January.

So I’ll keep this brief.

1. This article about the psychiatry of zombies, thanks to psychiatrist Steven Schlozman. My favourite bit:

The etiology of zombiism, according to Schlozman, involves a virus that destroys much of the brain’s frontal lobe—the seat of higher cognition and regulator of our baser impulses. Stripped of this moderating influence, the brain’s unchecked amygdala, what Schlozman calls our “crocodile brain,” drives victims into a state of unrelieved rage. Meanwhile, damage to the cerebellum impedes balance, sending zombies lurching forward in their wide-legged shamble. Damage to the ventromedial hypothalamus blocks any feeling of satiety, producing a never-ending hunger.

And the moaning? In a word: constipation. An all-brain diet is too high in protein and entirely void of fiber. Now you know.

To explain the monsters’ brain lust, Schlozman waxes philosophical. “Zombies lack the essence of humanity,” he explains.

2. When I was in high school, I began writing an adaptation of Hamlet, partly in response to the OK but over-rated and self-important Branagh version and the best ever adaptation of Romeo & Juliet (i.e. Tromeo and Juliet). “The Ghost” was actually Hamlet’s father (King Hamlet) in re-animated/zombie form who bites (Prince) Hamlet after telling him about being “poisoned”.

Hamlet’s increasingly erratic behaviour and internal conflict would now be partly attributed to exactly the phenomena described by Schlozman above; Hamlet is confronting his inner demons as his brain is gradually corroded by the zombie-virus.

10 years late some jerk (at the behest of his publisher, I might add) wrote this gimmicky piece of crap, the movie adaptation of which – I sincerely hope – remains in Development Hell for eternity.

3. Here’s a clip from the classic Return of the Living Dead, which is also of a shared thematic lineage to my never-to-be realised Hamlet:

Hot stuff coming through!

Hey Team,

We’re back from Melbourne and Adelaide, our last shows for the year. We had a blast and consider it an honour to have played with The Ramshackle Army, Foxtrot, The Furrows, Go-Go A Rama, and Stomp the Dog. Thanks to everyone who escaped exam study to come and hang out.

We’ll be writing some new tunes over the Christmas/New Year period, with an eye towards recording a new album in 2012.

Our next show is at New Beginnings on January 14 w/ Vengaboys, Hungry Kids of Hungary and many, many more. It’s zombie themed, so feel free to peruse our previous zombie related posts:

Zombie 101

I Had a Dream Last Night…

Muchas gracias,